Pull Down Rig

Zeta Performance’s Pull Down Rig is a heavily modified Mitler Brothers machine.   The extremely rigid construction of this machine provides unparalleled repeatability.  Custom fixturing allows all types of vehicles to be tested from short track asphalt and dirt cars all the way up to NASCAR Cup/Xfinity/Truck series.  Computer controlled hydraulic chassis and wheel actuators are accurate to .003″ and capable of over 4,500-lbf load.

Benefits of Pull Down Rig Testing Include:

  • Fine-tune current set-ups or develop new set-ups before testing at the track.
  • Simulate attitude and vertical forces generated on track from recorded data or from supplied loads generated via simulation programs.
  • Checking chassis and suspension component clearances throughout travel range.
  • Accurately measure and analyze camber curves.
  • Toe changes are recorded and displayed in bump steer graphs.
  • Graphical reports are generated via the pull down rig’s on board data acquisition system.
  • Excel based analysis software allows for user friendly comparison and
    • Load vs Shock and Load vs Wheel Travel Graphs
    • Bump Stop/Spring Load Graphs
    • Bump Steer Graphs
    • Camber Curve Graphs
    • Predicted Splitter or Nose Height Reports